I explore and navigate the in-between, and realize new ambitions, ideas and ventures.

It’s an ongoing process of reframing and transforming challenges into opportunities, becoming comfortable with experimentation, and finding continuity while constantly evolving.

My strengths lie in a keen ability to creatively connect and lead across various disciplines, an avid attention to detail, critical big picture thinking, and translating options into focused recommendations or agendas.

At ease in uncharted waters, I thrive through challenges that require a new perspective or playbook. Consider me a curious business explorer, dedicated to continual learning and growth.

My career has been a considered blend of disciplines and industries. I’ve honed expertise in brand building, communication, digital marketing, and successfully led international teams across various disciplines, from accounts and design to technology and sales.

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I also design and lead workshops that ignite shared visions, fresh ideas, and collaboration among teams and stakeholders.

With a seasoned touch as a trained moderator and facilitator, I skillfully guide discussions, ensuring every voice is not just heard but valued, maintaining the steady rhythm of group dynamics, and guiding teams into new ways of operating.

Influenced by my early beginnings as live anchor and reporter for CNN Student Bureau, I bring a distinctive, engaging flair as an event host.

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What others say

Désirée’s analytical skills, managing complexity while using valuable strategic frameworks, and visionary and creative thinking impressed me. Désirée created loads of added value in just a few days. Also, Désirée has a great team spirit and a truly unpretentious mindset.

I love to work with Désirée and profit from her great experience in the industry – and can highly recommend her as a strategist at Director level.

— Julia Daubertshäuser, Director Strategy, Liganova The Brand Retail Company

I worked with Désirée for some time and was infected by her ideas, structured work and personality.

A clear analytical view, precision in implementation and fun to work with — it’s what makes a great strategist and Désirée belongs to the best.

— Christian Clawien, Head of Customer Communications, S-Bahn Hamburg

Désirée’s flexibility and positive energy were major success factors for the event. She was always well prepared and we benefited greatly from her experience.

— Signe Brüdt, Campaign & Global Partnerships Lead, Bayer

Désirée’s strength is understanding the requirements and needs of a project and its stakeholders in great detail. And to develop the right solutions with her team. She uses her strong analytical skills to achieve effective results.

I highly recommend Désirée. Especially in overcoming complex challenges and developing strategic directions.

— Florian Hießl, VP, Global Head of Digital Internal Eco-System, Siemens

Désirée has been a crucial element in our brand strategy. Not enough business owners take a step back and think about their brand as carefully or thoroughly as Désirée has helped us to do.

She is an incredibly thoughtful and intelligent professional, helping us to avoid doing everything “just because”, really thinking through what we want our company to represent, and how we want our company to communicate through social media, events, and branding.

— Jeff Gibson, Co-Founder and Head of Marketing, Shanna Paxton Photography

Thanks to Désirée’s support we significantly improved collaboration with our B2B partners in two key projects.

— Matthias Seeger, Head of Product Management and Marketing, Geno Broker