Désirée Bambynek

Good communication is effective. Great communication is brand-enhancing.

Succesful communication informs, involves and inspires. It does much more than sell products. It conveys ideas, trust and values. It brings together, interacts and supports.

Great communication lives through the 3 Cs: company, customer, culture. Let’s tune into your communication wavelength and create inspiring, effective brand connections.

Published thought



We are going through a change and we need to get everyone on board.

+ Pro-active Change Communication (internal, external)
+ Communication Roadmapping
+ Stakeholder Integration & Onboarding


We need to better understand and activate our customers.

+ Analysis & Insighting
+ Brand Strategy
+ Repositioning Strategy
+ Communication Concept
+ Content & Editorial Strategy


We have to optimize and evolve how we work together.

+ Process Valuation & Optimization
+ Collaboration Principles
+ Partner Relations

"Thanks to Désirée’s support we significantly improved collaboration with our B2B partners in two key projects."

Matthias Seeger, Head of Product Management and Marketing, Geno Broker