Désirée Bambynek

Working with leaders to create value-driven, competitive and influential brands.

I am a strategist-at-large, business leader, brand advisor and communicator with over a decade’s experience within the dynamic brand, communications and digital landscape.

My experience spans from advising global DAX corporations in building value-driven brands and amplifying communications, to guiding young brands in developing their unique identity, establishing their market voice and gaining momentum.


Big Picture Thinker

I am a trend analyst and industry cross-pollinator. I bring a holistic perspective and versatile skill set to the table and open up perspectives on the big picture.

Solution Empowerer

I break the complex down to its simplest ingredients or causes, and foster the clarity necessary to develop viable, manageable solutions.

Skilled Storyteller

I am skilled at connecting the dots, finding a common denominator, unwrapping an idea and weaving a captivating narrative.

Intercultural Savvy

I live and work internationally, and contribute an astute cultural understanding to my clients’ endeavors, both in a social and organizational aspect.