Désirée Bambynek

Currently Lead Strategist at fischerAppelt, a communications powerhouse, and Co-Founder of The Creative Insider, a go-to for creatives.

Strategy Maker
Brand Levitator
Creative Explorer

My home turf are brand strategy, identity, positioning, narrative and creative expression – as well as day-to-day brand management.

My playground is the world of brands – big and small.

My building blocks are brand leadership, value and growth, creative brand expression and audience impact.

I have worked as part of some of the industry’s leading brand, digital and communication agencies. My client work spans from advising global DAX-corporations in brand leadership, positioning and communications, to helping young brands establish their identity and gain momentum.

Over the years, I have established an astute sense for brand potential and specialized in creating healthy, value-driven brand footprints in audiences’ relevant brand sets.

I put my ideas and insights into writing, publishing perspectives ranging from business, brand, individualization to cultural developments. Sometimes I venture into photojournalism and visual storytelling.

I am Co-Founder and Co-Host of The Creative Insider, a platform helping creatives navigate their way to becoming creative professionals.

brand strategy
what I help you achieve

Be clear on what your brand stands for

I help you clearly carve out your brand identity, what makes you stand out and give value, and how you interact with audiences.

Develop a clear direction

I help you uncover hidden brand potential and develop a clear path moving forward – no more second-guessing steps along the way!

Drive value through brand strategy

I help you develop a clear, flexible, value-based brand strategy – turning audiences into loyal fans.

Experiment with new forms of brand expression

I help you identify areas of growth and develop pilot projects that aim at increasing your audience impact. We'll use creativity to explore new brand engagement possibilities.

Désirée has been a crucial element in our marketing strategy.

She is an incredibly thoughtful and intelligent professional, helping us to avoid doing everything “just because”, really thinking through what we want our company to represent, and how we want our company to communicate through social media, events, and branding.

Not enough business owners take a step back and think about their marketing as carefully or thoroughly as Désirée has helped us to do.

Jeff Gibson, Head of Marketing, Shanna Paxton Photography

select projects

Brand identity for authentic.network

Identification and development of brand values, refining of the initial mission statement, ongoing brand leadership advisory.

Content strategy for Phoenix Contact

Identification of content strengths, development of an overarching content strategy.

Digital brand ecosystem for Siemens

Development of an overarching Siemens Corporate brand and content footprint in the digital space, channel focus and prioritization, long-term brand development.

Brand partnerships for Geno Broker

Development of customer journeys, target group segmentation and core messaging, communication channel strategy, development of partner communication formats.

Brand & design for Omshibi Wellness

Development of overarching brand strategy, website design, channel strategy, logo design.

Communication advisory for Shanna Paxton Photography

Initial brand strategy development, brand messaging and marketing rollout advisory.

visual storytelling

Faces of Oly

Deep diving into Olympia, Washington's creative craft community.