Désirée Bambynek

Applied strategy for evolving brands

I help brands lean into and leverage their sweet spot and develop brand confidence. Balancing between reality and vision, we’ll develop practical solutions that get you moving but also envision what else is possible along the way.

Brand Building

Leaning into your brand’s sweet spot, shaping identity and messaging to reinforce positioning, and building purpose-driven, confident and resilient brands.

Identity & value systems development

Brand strategy

Positioning & messaging

Brand narrative & storytelling

Brand experience consulting

Brand Growth

Helping leaders excavate new opportunities and supporting teams’ transition into new ways of work. Analyzing brand strengths and weaknesses, and developing a growth agenda.

Brand strategy evolution

Communication strategy

Business & product development

Nurturing customer relationships

Brand & marketing operations

Strategic Advisory

Leveraging potential to drive business growth and developing actionable strategies moving forward.

Problem framing

Operational strategy frameworks

International consulting

Trend analysis

Moderation & Workshops

Developing, guiding and moderating collaboration experiences in workshops and events.

Strategic roadmapping (annually or bi-annually)

Creative ideation

Hosting international virtual events

Tailored workshops

I highly recommend Désirée. Especially in overcoming complex challenges and developing strategic directions.
– Florian Hießl, VP, Global Head of Digital Internal Eco-System, Siemens

I use strategy to simplify and solve complex challenges.

Big Picture Thinker

I am a trend analyst and industry cross-pollinator. I bring a holistic perspective and versatile skill set to the table and open up perspectives on the big picture.

Solution Empowerer

I break the complex down to its simplest ingredients or causes, and foster the clarity necessary to develop viable, manageable solutions.

Skilled Storyteller

I am skilled at connecting the dots, finding a common denominator, unwrapping an idea and weaving a captivating narrative.

Intercultural Savvy

I live and work internationally, and contribute an astute cultural understanding to my clients’ endeavors, both in a social and organizational aspect.

Way of work

I work with clients in a one-on-one or team capacity, sparring in developing ideas, insights and action plans. Together we shape the set up and goals of our collaboration.

Conscious co-creation, eye-level collaboration and astute problem-solving are at the heart of how I work. Where needed, I pull in experts from my network of consultants, creatives and entrepreneurs to provide high value and actionable solutions.

My work ethic revolves around an open attitude, transparency, directness, courage to reshape and inclusivity, which I also look for in my clients and partners. I strive to contribute to the business community by putting purpose before profit and the big picture before personal agendas.

Brands I've teamed up with

Established brands
Siemens, Swarovski, L.O.V. Cosmetics, Consorsbank, Aareal Bank Group, Geno Broker, DATEV, Phoenix Contact, GlaxoSmithKline, BYK Chemie, Jacobs-Mondelez, LichtBlick, Rodenstock

Entrepreneurial brands
authentic.network, Omshibi, Shanna Paxton Photography, The Creative Insider Podcast

fischerAppelt, Leo Burnett, Virtual Identity, RTS Riegerteam, Triplesense Reply, Shift Strategy Consultants, Serviceplan Group, Publicis Groupe

Let's rock your sweet spot