Strategy Direction

Finding solutions to those challenges that begin with ambiguous questions

How do I grow my business into a new category?
What does value beyond my product look like?
How do I re-align the organization around a new vision?

Some business challenges can’t be defined in terms of requirements and deliverables, but instead need an experienced, senior perspective to help frame the problem and shed light on not-so-obvious solutions.

We’ll develop an action plan that gets you moving while also envisioning what else is possible along the way.


Frame & Understand


Culture and data research

Shareholder conversations and buy-in

Custom reports


Shape & Create

Vision, mission and value proposition

Positioning and repositioning

Brand strategy and narrative

Business development and modeling

Communications strategy and messaging


Plan & Execute

Strategic roadmapping

Prioritization and setup

Stakeholder onboarding

Execution and operations advisory

A clear analytical view, precision in implementation and fun to work with. It’s what makes a good strategist and Désirée belongs to the upper level.

— Christian Clawien, Head of Customer Communications, S-Bahn Hamburg & Ex-Director Strategy, fischerAppelt

Quick fix

Solve an Issue

To qualify for this service, it must be a single issue, with a clear scope, and it must not be featured as a package anywhere else on this site.

1-3 x 60-minute call: problem framing and consulting

Duration: 4-5 weeks

Implementation guidance: Up to 3 check-ins within 8 weeks, includes quick phone calls and emails during that time

Hours of expert advice that follows a written agenda/process, very carefully and concisely stated recommendations for your note taking

Vision-Start Workshop

Step outside of your brand. We’ll envision the future, deconstruct business goals and begin outlining growth plans.

Vision development as a team

Objectives framing and outlining

Development, moderation and follow-up documentation

Interaction or group sessions according to intended results

Groups up to 5 people, cross-funtional participants possible

Hours of expert workshop development and moderation, includes up to two check-ins and one review, excludes participant or venue organisation