Désirée Bambynek

Let's rethink how we do *brand*.

Creating and leading a meaningful brand can be overwhelming. It takes more than a product or an idea to stand out in today’s brand economy. You need a strong foundation, a compelling narrative and credible action – as well as the tools and resources to get it done.

I help you strengthen your core, clarify your purpose and message, and confidently navigate through this fast-paced, buzzword-y economy.

Let’s not add to the mainstream but bravely stand apart. Together we’ll shape what responsible, conscious and effective brand leadership can look like.

Some of the questions we’ll explore together:

How do I build a purposeful and conscious brand?

How do I lead my brand without getting lost in today’s marketing maze?

What can new ways of collaborating with partners and audiences look like?

How do I approach brand content outside of the box?

What I help you achieve

Explore new perspectives

I help you look outside your brand, get inspired by things happening outside your industry and cultural context, and explore new avenues that increase your brand relevance.

Smart decision making

I help you approach challenges with a strategic mindset so you can confidently move forward – and train strategic capabilities in your team or one-on-one.

Conscious creation

I focus on creating impact-infused, intentional but also manageable solutions that don't add to the mainstream, but enrich and bravely stand apart.

Collaboration formats

Advisor & partner

Brand strategy & execution

Hands-on support

Freelance consulting

Brands I've teamed up with

Small brands

The Creative Insider Podcast, Geno Broker, Omshibi, Shanna Paxton Photography

Big brands

Siemens, BYK Chemie, Swarovski, Consorsbank, Aareal Bank Group, DATEV, Phoenix Contact, GlaxoSmithKline, Jacobs (Mondelez), LichtBlick, Rodenstock


fischerAppelt, Leo Burnett, Virtual Identity, RTS Riegerteam, Shift Strategy Consultants, Serviceplan Group, Publicis Groupe

Désirée is an incredibly thoughtful and intelligent professional.

She has been a crucial element in our marketing strategy, helping us to avoid doing everything “just because”, really thinking through what we want our company to represent, and how we want our company to communicate through social media, events, and branding.

Not enough business owners take a step back and think about their marketing as carefully or thoroughly as Désirée has helped us to do.

Jeff Gibson, Head of Marketing, Shanna Paxton Photography