Désirée Bambynek


Désirée is a brand strategist and creative consultant. She specializes in building conscious and resilient brands, creating engaging narratives and growing strategic capabilities.

She also connects the dots between brand, business and self-development through writing and illustration.

Welcome to her digital space for work and creative exploration.

Fresh thoughts
Let’s talk about the wave of creativity that was unleashed in the turbulent first half …
What I do

Strategy Studio

Brand success begins from the inside out. Let’s tackle three core aspects:

I. Clarity – in identity, message, consumer groups and approach moving forward. Being clear on what promises you are making to consumers and what challenges you take on.

II. Confidence – is derived from that clarity. But also confidence the brand gives consumers and exhibits in partnerships, both internal and external. Confidence that comes from knowing who you are, what you stand for and how to make it happen.

III. Fluidity – as in exploring new ways of utilizing proven methods and concepts, fostering a collective knowledge instead of individual achievement, or discovering new flexibility in conventional structures.

That’s the bottom line. That’s what we’ll create and explore here.


Brand building

For modern brands and solopreneurs

Strategy support

As team member or strategic advisor

Strategy camp

For collective knowledge and individual skills


Let’s talk about the wave of creativity that was unleashed in the turbulent first half …
Our lives need to take a hint from good design.
In choosing to dedicate this first issue of 2020 to reorientation back in January, I …
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