Reinvention – on a personal note

Dear Partners in Intellect,

In business, 6 months is a long stretch for going underground and into the darkness of communication silence. When the idea for this newsletter sprang from my mind over a year ago, I wanted to express my professional views and piece together a bigger picture. I gradually found that the boundaries of the professional topic I had been swimming in during the past ten years (in this case brand and customer experience) were being limited in and of themselves. A purely business focus was becoming more and more difficult. Because business is nothing without its cultural and social framework.

And so I dove into myself the past months, created and iterated, seeded and destroyed, created again and altered, tested and tried. Reinvention is always connected to refocus and relearning. Old ways of thinking and doing are torn down and rebelliously stamped upon, leaving behind a few strewn remnants that seem potent on second sight after all.

Maybe it’s my generation, desperately feeling that we have to reinvent the values, patterns and meanings of our lives. Maybe it’s a very personal journey I find myself on. The more I share this journey with others though, in the soft moments of deep connect, the more I feel it’s something that unites us all.

And so this process brings me to this newsletter. I am parting with the original concept of purely informative industry perspective. If you still need that specific industry-edge, I would be glad to share a few highly qualified peers. (Feel free to reach out via Email.)

Instead, I warmly welcome you to join me on a new journey, one that cannot be put into a bracket or category: piecing together business, society and self. This will be a very personal, at times vulnerable undertaking. I want to remove the various filters for you, for me, for anyone looking to connect. These filters have kept me jumping from one box to another: from being a modern woman, to winning in a competitive business world, to developing my own authenticity, to connecting with my inner creative self, to finding fulfillment, to being an active part of our global/local community.

You can still expect open and frank thoughts. You can still expect me to listen to your own experiences, keep an ear out for what is happening out „there“ and bringing it into a synchronistic perspective. If I were to check a category for what I have planned (social commentary, business etc.), I find myself unsure how to define it currently. It will need to evolve. You can still expect me refraining from spamming your inbox: if I don’t have anything meaningful to share, I won’t bother you with banalities. Because sometimes you just have to live life, enjoyfully and silently.

What else to expect? I can’t even answer to that yet. All I know is it will be different. For after reinvention the work of evolution begins. And ultimately, transformation will once again take place.

Humbly yours.

PS: Feel free to unsubscribe if this journey might push you to your inner edges. Or if you are somewhere completely different in your own personal journey. I will understand. And I thank you for following my thoughts thus far.
For all you other visionaries: thank you for your continued trust in my voice.