A series designed to inform, explore and inspire. My goal is to provide a pragmatic, possibly unconventional point of view on putting strategy into practice and to help you flex your strategy muscle.

In that sense, it’s a natural extension of my newsletter, The Brain Itch.


A test of strengths for brands in Web3, Trend Report

Our new reality of communications, Trend Report

Found in translation, Trend Report

Theme cloud 2021, Think piece

The year of identity, Custom report

The Brain Itch, Newsletter

Brand in Context, three-issue digital magazine on shifting brand meaning and purpose, 2018–2020

The importance of being selective with social media, Thrive, Lacey Chamber of Commerce

Faces of Oly, Photo exhibition

Putting Out Fires, Editorial in local publication, Olympia, WA

The brand as publisher, two-part report, Virtual Identity Blog


Co-founder and co-host The Creative Insider, a platform and podcast helping creatives become accomplished professionals, launched 2020

Neighborhood Stories, local digital blogazine dedicated to people and businesses in Erlangen, Munich and Seattle, 2010–2015

Creative explorations