Désirée Bambynek

I host and moderate international happenings, combining my experiences in television broadcasting and trained workshop facilitation with an open, engaging personality.

My priority is to create a memorable experience for participants and audiences.

I am skilled at bringing people together and engaging experts, panel participants and audiences with charm and finesse. I foster a collective vibe and relaxed, positive atmosphere.

In collaborative events, I am skilled at facilitating between stakeholders.

Thanks to my international background both in my personal and professional life, I understand first-hand how to navigate and foster connections between different cultures and stakeholders.

I am an English (US) and German native speaker, and specialize in international events and formats.

A brief selection

Co-Host of The Creative Insider Podcast, since 2021

Your Life World Contraception Day, Global Annual Kick-Off, Bayer, 2021

Black Friday Webinar, part of an expert series, Arvato, 2020

CNN Student Bureau Program, Young Talent Interview Reporter and Live Anchor, 1999–2001