now is the time for creative, strategic leaders

You see trends and market shifts for what they are: An opportunity to experiment and evolve. You understand that business needs courageous creativity more than ever, but leads to chaos with a strategic approach.

You know from experience that consistently investing in your brand, sharing the same vision in your team and practicing adaptive growth are key success factors for these unpredictable times.

When you see your strengths clearly, recognize overarching themes and understand how to create value through them, potential and opportunity intersect.

You use strategy to envision, explore and unfold the possibilities, not just get through the fiscal year. You are creative, but also pragmatic. You are a pro business player, but also dare to risk new things.

You take your next step with confident focus because you and your team understand where you come from, what actions will create new value, and how to adapt to new developments while building your future.

Together we’ll get you moving by transforming your potential into capability. I help business leaders, ambitious professionals and independent experts thrive through change — and create a sustainable advantage in a fast world for their organization, their team and themselves.


Simple and accessible over fancy buzzwords and jargon.

Focus on the essential actions that will have the biggest impact on your business.

Questions and conversations before quick assumptions and statements, always.

Reflection and action co-exist — each has it’s time and place.

Strategy is a fluid experience, not a static deck or one-time step.

Strategy becomes reality when it is unfolded into the organization, lived and evolved.

Open directness. We’re working to solve and grow, not stroke our egos.