Selling services as products

In today’s knowledge economy, service-based businesses are all too common, much like sand on a beach. However, services are intangible, and can be hard to grasp for clients. That can often make it difficult to communicate their value, stay competitive and measure success. That’s where Service-as-a-Product comes in.

One of the benefits of selling services is the ability to customize and combine services to meet clients’ specific challenges. Unfortunately, that’s also the challenge: For clients who may not be fluent in your field of expertise, it can be hard to grasp exactly what you’re offering and what they’ll be getting.

By reframing services as tangible products, businesses and freelancers can more easily communicate their value and differentiate themselves in the marketplace. And attract clients that would not typically be on their radar.

But many service providers shy away from this approach due to misconceptions, such as it being too much effort to develop or the fear of missing out on opportunities.

In this podcast, I share my experiences and tips in building and launching my own Service-as-a-Product, Brand Essentials. If you’re interested in exploring new avenues of selling your services and learning how to get your foot in the door with potential clients, then this is for you.