Fall 2023 Communications Program

Back to Work

Back in the office and already feeling the pressure of the end of the year looming. No time like the present to examine what’s worked. And what still needs to happen before year‘s end.

The fall program is dedicated to the hacks and strategies that will make the most out of what you’re doing – and improve things in the process. Or give you an outside perspective that might ignite some crucial insight. Either way, you’ll be taking a crucial step toward more rewarding customer relationships and loyalty.

How it works:

Each package is designed as a strategy experience
consisting of 2–3 collaborative working sessions
accompanied by weekly check-ins to track and guide progress.

The goal is to help you and your team build valuable strategic capabilities while problem solving, and improving how and what you communicate to your customers.

→ Ideal for teams up to 8 people
→ Time frame: 4–6 weeks
→ Available in English and German

It’s about building capabilities from within, not outsourcing.

This hybrid approach, blending facilitation and advisory, delivers significant impact and improved communication, all at a budget-friendly price.

Whether you’re a team looking to leverage your expertise, a small team within a large company, or a small business or freelancer, this gives you a competitive edge without straining your finances.

Customer depth

Dive deep into your audience’s psyche. Learn how to understand your customers on a profound level, anticipate their needs, and build genuine connections that keep them coming back for more.

→ Gain deeper customer insights
→ Review existing communications
→ Develop compelling customer experiences
→ Innovate products or services

Unified messaging cover image

Unified messaging

Ensure everyone is on the same page. Discover the secrets to aligning your company’s vision with your brand’s messaging. Achieve a cohesive, powerful voice that resonates with both internal stakeholders and your target audience.

→ Unpack your company vision
→ Set overall objectives
→ Analyze existing and creating new strategies
→ Learn to use focus topics to enhance clarity

Beyond marketing cover image

Beyond marketing

Brand building is collective; every touchpoint matters. Explore strategies that go beyond marketing tactics, focusing on long-term brand building and customer engagement.

→ Dive into brand building as a tool
→ Set communication objectives
→ Create storytelling across touchpoints
→ Expand messaging to points of purchase

Future insights cover image

Future insights

Stay ahead of the curve by examining emerging trends and technologies that will shape customer connection. Develop the foresight needed to position your brand for success in a rapidly evolving landscape.

→ Explore and interconnect trends
→ Imagine the future customer and her needs
→ Map new business opportunities

Interested in finding out more?

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