Désirée Bambynek


Désirée is an interdisciplinary strategist, consultant and facilitator, specializing in brand development, communications and transformation. With close to 15 years experience, she has successfully consulted business leaders across a wide range of industries, from international products, to creative and professional services.

In 2017 she founded déstudio, a modern strategy consultancy helping organizations understand, adapt to and grow with new business realities.

Drawing on her extensive expertise, she takes a multi-dimensional perspective on modern business challenges, and bridges the gap between strategic planning and execution.

Désirée is a true multi-hyphenate, exploring a variety of fields and pursuits, from photography to multimedia and writing. She is also co-founder of The Creative Insider, a podcast turned community and platform for architects, cg artists and designers.

Based in Frankfurt, Germany, Désirée works with international clients across Europe and North America.