Meet Désirée, professional problem-solver and communications hacker

Désirée, a German-American strategy advisor and facilitator, specializes in business, brand and communications development. She is a native speaker of both English and German, which makes her exceptionally well-suited for international endeavors.

As your problem-solving partner, she refines positioning, forges future-forward strategies, crafts compelling communications, and launches new ventures. Her proven track record of working with the world’s leading global brands on innovative brand projects and guiding transformations sets her apart. Her leadership experience within agencies equips her to lead diverse teams and drive new business.

As a skilled facilitator, Désirée combines a keen understanding of team dynamics with strategic expertise. She bridges the gap between strategy and execution, guiding businesses through today’s challenges and transitions.

Désirée is the founder of déstrategy+, an independent strategy studio, helping business leaders and independent experts connect, adapt to and grow through new business realities.

In addition to her strategic work, she is also co-founder of The Creative Insider, a podcast turned community and platform for architects, CG artists, and designers.

A polaroid of Désirée

Clients include

IKEA | Siemens | Lufthansa | | Deutsche Börse | Aareal Bank | Bayer | GlaxoSmithKline | Mondelez | Geno Broker | BYK Chemie | and more

Agency experience

fischerAppelt | Leo Burnett | Shift Strategy Consultants | Virtual Identity | Serviceplan | Publicis


What Makes a Good Strategy, Future Strategies

A Test of Strengths For Brands in Web3, Trend Report

Our New Reality of Communications, Trend Report

Found in Translation, Trend Report

Theme Cloud 2021, trend piece, 2021

The Year of Identity, trend report, 2019

The Brain Itch, newsletter, since 2018

Brand in Context, three-issue digital magazine on shifting brand meaning and purpose, 2018–2020

The Importance Of Being Selective With Social Media, Thrive, Lacey Chamber of Commerce, 2014

The Brand As Publisher, two-part report, Virtual Identity Blog, 2012

Creative projects

Strategy Snacks, podcast mini-series, 2022–2023

Faces of Oly, photo exhibition, 2014

Putting Out Fires, editorial in local publication, Olympia, WA, USA, 2014

Neighborhood Stories, local digital blog-azine dedicated to people and businesses in Munich, Germany and Seattle, USA 2010–2015

In a world where adaptability is key, Désirée is your go-to partner for practical strategy implementation.

Based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, she works internationally across Europe and North America, providing practical solutions and driving results for clients and their teams.