Désirée Bambynek

Enabler. Driver. Supporter. Empowerer.

Hello and welcome. I am a communication expert and brand strategist. My work centers around growth, constructive and creative collaboration, and efficient processes – for both individuals and organizations.

I found my humble beginning in journalism, kicking off my career as part of the CNN Student Bureau program in Atlanta, GA. From publishing and advertising to digital brand activities, in the course of the past 10+ years, I have developed B2B, B2C and corporate brand strategies that center around impactful communication.

Value and connection are the key motives behind my work. Throughout my various career stations, I have worked with some of the world’s biggest and most revered brands. I quickly  specialized in the development of strategic direction and brand vision, putting a special focus on team growth within the complexity of large-scale projects.

A hands-on approach, strong people skills and a quick understanding for the big picture have enabled me take on key leadership roles.

Today’s rapid shift into new business models, the importance of brand voice in a technology-driven environment as well as team growth have been a constant in my work.
And that led me to actively shaping the internal and external transformation of the agencies and organizations I have worked with.

In 2014 my increasing wish for freedom of professional expression and flexibility led me to entrepreneurship. I began working with organizations and individuals in the fields of personal growth, team collaboration and creativity, and above all the managing of change processes within a working team.

Today I work with established organizations and entrepreneurs alike to help model brands in a new and value-based manner, steering away from business as usual and toward more progressive, authentic business models.

In addition to my consulting projects, I publish a regular newsletter on customer centric brand development, modern leadership, social evolution and personal development.

Désirée is bright, earnest and dedicated.

Birgit Wilson, Group Client Leader, Member of Management, Leo Burnett