Désirée Bambynek

This strategy experience inspires exploration, fosters careful thinking and enables courageous problem-solving.

Brand Advisor & Strategist

With over a decade of experience advising global clients in brand and communications evolution, I’ve become highly skilled at unraveling modern-day business complexities and charting a clear path toward long-term brand trust.

The power of actionable insight is what drives me to never stop learning and to always find more interesting ways to slice through the clutter.

Creative problem-solving since 2009

I have always been pulled toward fast-paced and experiemental-friendly environments. I am humbled to have been invited to contribute to some of the industry’s leading brand, digital and communication agency teams.

My work spans from advising DAX corporations in building value-driven brands and amplifying their stories, to helping young brands establish their identity and gain momentum.

From corporate to product, I’ve run the fast-paced consumer race for top FMCG brands and gone the long mile with the pharmaceutical big leagues.

I have been an active entrepreneur in brand strategy and business consulting since 2014, both in Germany and the USA. I support business and brand leaders in their positioning and brand evolution as an independent brand and strategy expert.

I am currently Managing Director North America and Director International Growth & Strategy at fischerAppelt, a communications powerhouse (and WuV 2020 Agency of the Year and Germany’s PR Agency of the Year 2020) where I am responsible for building a new international business model and positioning.

I am someone capable of looking at reality from different viewpoints—of zooming in and zooming out—understanding driving needs and mindsets, and bringing abstract concepts to life.

I am a German-American world citizen. My parents were both entrepreneurs who made it a lifestyle to move continents every few years. I was on my first cross-Atlantic flight at one month old and found myself in a new school and a new country every two years.

Learning from outsiderdom

This multi-cultural and -national setting-switching, not to say frequent displacement, allowed me to internalize a few traits I would later make a career out of:

Focused listening, rapid and deep observation, and a keen ability of contextualization. Because as the new kid your primary focus is to fit in – quickly.

Professional becoming

I spent the first decade of my career learning to stand out while putting fitting in to good use. In strategy I found an intellectual and professional arena that allowed me to strike a balance between my chameleon skills of observation and fluid learning, and hard-won expertise in careful, structured thinking and creative problem-solving.

It’s no surprise then that I love going down a rabbit hole. My professional journey has been en evolving experiment in multi-disciplinary, integrated thinking, leading me to contribute in a wide range of roles – from brand strategy and business modelling, to international development and brand marketing.


Among my strengths are a keen business understanding, a deep cross-cultural perspective and big picture thinking.

I work internationally, currently based in the heart of Europe: Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

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